One-On-One Training

BMG Basketball's One-On-One Individual Training is designed to feel like being in a classroom. Our goal is to “teach the game,” at the highest level. Having taught the highest level of Collegiate and Professional Players, our expertise comes highly recommended. We provide a breakdown of what to do, why to do it, how to do it, and visual examples of this activity.

With our individual training program, sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of the athlete. We do a thorough evaluation of the participant’s current state and devise a development program that caters to each individual. Additionally, life skills are addressed in various stages of the development. This program is made for serious players.

Select Your Coach

Chris Brazelton, AKA “Coach Braz,” originally from San Bernardino, CA, has 9 years of Division 1 Coaching experience and 3 years of Division 1 playing experience. Coach Braz concluded his playing career at Fresno State University, earning the scholar-athlete award in 2005.
Coach Elijah comes to BMG from Folsom, CA after a basketball playing career of twelve years and an extensive AAU background.With former High School Varsity level experience, Coach Elijah competed for many AAU teams throughout the Sacramento area; Sacramento Yellow Jackets, Norcal Hurricanes, and Norcal Predators to name a few. With a wide range of AAU history, he brings to the BMG program a high level of experience of learning how to compete against Bay Area teams.
Coach Nomso comes to BMG from Oakland, CA and carries an assertive mentality and passion for the game. Nomso played high school basketball at Mount Eden high, Hayward, ca and helped his team successfully capture a playoff berth; something that had not been done in roughly 30 years.

Note:  All new participants must bring the insurance waiver at the first workout.