Boot Camp

Taught by 9 Year Division 1 College Veteran Coach, and experienced College/Pro Staff
BMGBall “Boot Camp” is a High Intensity, High Level Training Environment, conducted over a short duration of time. This training is a combination of life skills teaching, basketball training, and plyometric training. The goal of the Boot Camp is to push the athlete to work at the highest level possible, while expanding their skill level and knowledge in all areas of the game. The expectation of each participant is to be great listeners, bring their best effort, and be prepared to be instructed and pushed to the highest level possible.
Note: First time BOOT CAMP participant? Dry Fit Shirt required.
The Spring/Summer Programs

Need help improving how to score??? BMGBall Boot Camps are designed to help improve offensive ability and understanding. Directed by former 9 year Division 1 College Coach, each 3 week session has a specific emphasis and progression. Known as a "Great teacher of the game," Coach Braz concentrates in small groups, on "why we do, what we do," in the game of basketball. Only 16 spaces available per session.

Confirmation Text: Classes will take place at City Beach Sports Complex, 2911 Mead Ave. Santa Clara,  Ca 95051

Basketball attire, good listening skills, and personal ball required.



Coach Braz All-Around Skill Training

Dates:  12/3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19

Time:  5:00pm-6:30pm

Ages:  9-13 (Participants will be broken by age and level)

Location: Bay Club Santa Clara,
3250 Central Expy, Santa Clara,
CA 95051