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"Congrats to BMG's own, Frank Rogers, on signing a Professional Contract to play for BC Cactus Tbilisi, of the Country of Georgia-Superleague, for the 2017-18 season."

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Basketball is not just a game, it's a portal through which young men/women can forever change their lives. The ability to tune out the challenges of everyday life, and work to overcome obstacles, learn what teamwork means and become accountable to something greater than themselves. The game teaches physical and mental toughness, while passionately working to enhance the craft; these are just a few lessons of the game. When practicing and playing independently, players get better.

When working with a great coach, provided with great teaching and mentorship, this opens the door to become great. Skills such as: patience, following instructions, and carry out a task with confidence and initiative are taught. When participating in mentorship-based basketball, every detail of learning to play the game and perform at a high level, transfers over to the pursuit of excellence in life.

Our goal at BMG Basketball Academy is to explain and develop all of these areas through mentorship, not only enhancing skill and knowledge, but fostering an environment where the pursuit of excellence in life becomes second nature… “Next Level Vision, Next Level Mentality.”


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